Tuesday, 15 March 2011


`.1.  On Monday we went to a history village at Kalamunda in the hills on the edge of Perth where there used to  be a zig zag railway for the logging industry.  This tapestry was on the wall.
2. South Peerth across the Swan River.
3.  A black swan on the Swan river.

Well  that's all folks!  We are in the departure lounge at Perth Airport waiting to start our long journey home after 2 months of interesting places, mediocre weather in places, except Perth where it was over 35degrees yesterday!  I hope all the people who have suffered in the weather and earthquakes get their lives back together asap and thank goodness we weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Perth Leisure

1. Whiteman Park is a very large park on the edge of Perth and it has a tramline.  There were lots of people there on Sunday.  I thought these shelters were great for families and groups to keep out of the sun and have their picnics in the shade.  Spot the eskies for the beers etc.
2. The pub at the jetty was  very busy and had a good vibe and some decent beer. Here's me with the sharer meal we ordered - lovely loads of prawns!
3. The pub had these great umbrellas with lights changing colours.  I thought the brolly made a good  contrast with the buildings.
4.  Loved the destination blind on the bus to City Beach. I hope the swimmer is waving and not drowning!

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Perth & Freemantle

1.  The National Hotel in Freemantle.  One of the many nice old buildings there.
2.  Freemantle Market entrance.
3.  We went for Fish and chips at Fishing Boat Harbour and saw that fish and chip flavour ice cream was available!  No I didn 't try it.
4.  Fishing boats at the dock.

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1. The Bell Tower by Perth jetty - supposed to  be the biggest musical instrument in the world. The bells from St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square are in there.
2.  It is see and taste Perth month to show how diverse the culture is.  This is Romanian micis, which we have eaten seveeral times while in Romania.
3. Turkish ladies selling their food and rolling out flat breads on the go.  Don't know how they work in the heat in their headscarves and long clothes.
4.  Posh houses at Mossman Point on thw Swan River.  We were surprised how little land surrounds them.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011


1.  Busselton Pier in the sunset.
2. Busselton sunset.
3. Daisy the cow at Brunswick Junction in the dairy belt on the way to Perth.
4.  The shrine in the chinese restaurant at Pinjarra.

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Pier, Fish & Beer

1.  This is the shore end of Busselton Pier whch is almost 2km long, only a little shorter than Southend.
2. &3. at the sea end there is an Under Water Observatory which we visited.
4.  We found a local micro brewery we  could get to by bus - they mostly seem to be out in the countryside where you have to drive.  We got there OK, but the bus back was  very late and the driver diddled us for our fare!

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Margaret River

1.  A new use for a four poster bed!  Did the laundry and the tumble dryer was busy, so a new washng line was improvised!
2. What about this big apple and tree at a winery entrance.!
3&4.  Canal rocks are a few miles north of Margaret River and it is interesting how the rock formation has splt and left a canal for the sea water to pass through.

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